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The Women


Based on the story of David and Goliath. The audience hears the story from the point of view of two of the Israeli soldiers.




Aren’t you supposed to be on the front lines?





Yes. (jumps on it – accusing back) Wait a minute.  So are you?



(also sheepish)


I know. (suddenly) But I am scared of that big guy.  He is huge! Huge, I tell you!




No kidding.  I didn’t know there was anyone that big.  He scares the life out of me – and everyone always thinks I’m the big hero.




Yeah! Me too! I’m usually really quick to volunteer, the first one to go into battle, but there is no way I am fighting that!




Me either. You know when I ran away this little boy was offering to fight that monster.  I don’t think he was 14.




Fourteen!  Saul didn’t take him up on the offer, did he?




Of course he did!  Saul is crazy – and desperate!




Oh no!  The kid’s going to die!




You should have seen him wearing Saul’s armor.  It was so heavy he could hardly walk.  It was pathetic.

Jesus is dead. The women he walked with have heard rumors he is alive. Should they believe it? They are frightened.

Mary of Magdala: But if he rose…

Mary the mother of James; He didn’t rise.  The priests are probably playing some ugly trick on us.  You heard Salome.  Noone rises from the dead.

Mary of Magdala: What about Lazarus?  They say he rose from the dead?

Salome:  He probably wasn’t really dead.

Mary of Magdala:  He told us to tell the disciples he had risen.

Salome:  Don’t be ridiculous.  Don’t tell anyone.  Mary’s right.  It’s probably a trick to get all the followers in one location.  Then they can trap them and kill them like they did Jesus.

Mary the mother of James: I hadn’t even thought of that.  They might just do that.  Kill us all.  I’m glad my James decided to go into hiding.  I don’t want to lose him, too.

Salome:  We all need to pledge not to tell anyone.

Mary the mother of James:  I pledge.  I won’t get my boy killed.

Mary visits Elizabeth when she is pregnant with John the Baptist. She is left in a state of wonder.

Elizabeth: (grabbing her stomach) Whoa! Settle down child.  Mary! I’m in here.

(Mary enters)

Mary:  Elizabeth, it’s so good to see you!

(Elizabeth gets up slowly and carefully – they hug.  Elizabeth lays back down.)

Elizabeth: Sorry, Mary.  The priest says I need to stay laying down.  How are you?  I didn’t know you were coming.  How is your mother?  Is she here, too.

Mary: (suddenly self conscious)  Yes – I, that is – I.  It was a sudden decisions to come -  I wanted to know – (sudden realization) You are pregnant!

(Elizabeth laughs)

Elizabeth:  Yes, I AM pregnant. 

Mary: When, how – I mean….

Elizabeth:  Spit it out, girl.  What’s on your mind.

Mary:  I haven’t told anyone about it.  I’m afraid you’ll think I’m crazy, but…

(Elizabeth smiles)

Elizabeth:  Just say it, child.

Mary: First, I need to ask you about your baby.  My Mom always said….

Elizabeth:  Yes, and it’s true.  Zechariah and I believed I was barren

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