, Scrooge

Acting Resume

Masters in Theater, Portland State University, Portland, OR 2011


Customer, Starbudz, Taylor Pickett, Cooter Paeon, Antique Porn Roadshow, The Mighty, Mighty Mixed Nutsat Sketchfest, Pocket Theater Sept. 2015


Customer, Starbudz, The Mighty, Mighty Mixed Nuts presents "Totally Nuts with a Z" Pocket Theater May 2015


Joanna, Late, Shoshanna, Mail Order Bride, Spirit of Just a Moment and Previously Thence. Scrooge, FarRight, Pain In My Booty, Charlene, Santa Support Group, The Mighty, Mighty Mixed Nuts Presents "Totally Nuts With a Z"Pocket Theater Dec. 2014


Hillbilly, The Great Horror Campout, Ten Thirty One Productions, Justin Meyer, Aug. 2014


Annas, Negro Passion Play, Brown Bag Theater, Tyrone Brown, April 2014


Rose, Working the Musical, Portland State University, Sarah Andrews-Collier, Spring 2011


Grandmother, Women & Wallace, Portland State University, Becci Swearingen, Spring 2010


Actor & Director, Covenant Players, Oxnard, CA 1984 - 2005

     Travelled for 20 years doing theater in a number of different venues, adjusting sets for those venues. Also did drama workshops teaching drama to new actors. All plays were original plays written by Charles M. Tanner to communicate themes given to us by the organizations we worked with.







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